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  J. E. Champion Financial is dedicated to meeting the varied needs of individual retirees as well as younger business clients. We believe in a comprehensive, strategic approach - employing the skills and talents of our in-house expert John Champion, as well as some of the best financial products currently on the market today! This makes for a winning combination.   Comprehensive - We realize that individual client goals must be approached as parts of an overall plan   Communicative - We strive to maintain constant communication and shared understanding among all members of the Field Marketing Organization (which act as an advisory team,)  and, especially, with the client


 Why J.E. Champion Financial should be your advisor 

We have over 30 years of combined insurance experience in the industry. Our service staff has a sense of ownership and responsibility for the client relationship. Expertise acquired from years of experience is augmented by a commitment to continuing education.  Teamwork is an essential part of our commitment to service. When you need help, you have access to John Champion’s personal communication, as well as all his highly trained assistants of the firm and the companies themselves. That’s a key benefit of working with a firm like J.E. Champion Financial. Many of our clients have taken advantage of our in home visits that are free of charge to our clients. We realize that it is very difficult for some of our clients to get around who have special needs. We find that special touch differentiates us from our competitors. We specialize in SAFETY, GROWTH, and CONTROL of your retirement nest egg.  

Why J.E. Champion Financial should be your insurance agent 

We provide a "one stop" resource for businesses, families and individuals seeking insurance and financial services. Since our beginning, we have worked hard to establish strong, professional relationships with an ever-growing client base. We offer personalized and efficient service in addition to competitive pricing for our products and related financial services. Please give us the opportunity to serve you! We’ll do our very best to earn your complete confidence and trust.  John Champion John is the founder and President of J.E. Champion Financial. He brings over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial industry with him. His experience includes being an Individual Insurance representative for numerous companies as well as providing safe yet aggressive financial alternatives to the traditional stock broker or banker. His idea was to become the unique advisor in the area, which specialized in senior citizens and safe money. John Champion is also a Certified Senior Advisor, which is an organization dedicated to serving senior’s needs. John has also trained over 300 insurance sales people and over 100 financial advisors in his career. These experiences in other industries have helped him have a deeper understanding of what his business clients and senior clientele deal with on a day-to-day basis. John was at one time the KGBT channel 4 (ask an expert). He was also the number one recommended Financial Consultant for the radio program “PROTECTING YOUR PROFITS” while it ran in the Corpus Christi area. He is also a very talented musician and plays guitar and is a musical Director and many times performs at his Church on Sundays. John is married to wife Letty Champion of 35 years and has two children, Derick & Brianna. Champion.  


   One of the most exciting things at our agency that happens is when clients come to the realization that financial planning like this even exists. The lie that is perpetrated around our country is that you have to have your money in the bank to be safe or that you have to have your money in the Wall Street casino to grow. Neither one of these statements are true. There our new financial products in the market that can actually compete with and some years even exceed the normal stock market. The difference however is that you never have to worry about your principal or your previous gains being at risk.

    In the last stock market crash of 2008, none of our clients lost a single penny. America lost $2.8 trillion with an average loss of 55% of the portfolio. Once again...None of our clients lost a dime! The world is a crazy place right now and volatility is part of our ever-changing planet.      We have plans that can save people valuable tax dollars while also planning a smarter estate for the loved ones they leave behind. Give us a call to schedule a sitdown and get a second opinion. We will show you a different viewpoint when it comes to risk tolerance and what we feel is a better way to grow your money safely. Both now and in the future!


    Imagine the next stock market crash.. The experts tell us that it is not a question of If, but only of when. Imagine the panic that people feel when they realize that they can't retire like they were planning to. This has happened more times to good people than it should have. 

   Now imagine another scenario....

You are in your living room watching the news hearing about a horrible crash that is taking place.... but you have the peace of mind of knowing that you, your money, and your family's future is still in tact and okay.

Imagine the relief of knowing that you made the right decision. This is what we do at J.E. Champion Financial LLC. There really is a better way. Let us show you how.



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